Floa Brygge

300 Housing

Areal: 25 000 m2
Status: Unbuilt

The development area is located between the river and the existing housing estate of Gressvik Floa. The area has been used by the boating industry and has a lot of asphalt and impervious surfaces. The area has great potential to become a unique and prosperous river district. The change from an industrial to a residential area is an opportunity to reintroduce biodiversity and return the waterfront to public space.


Parts of the project are in the area to be considered for the cultural environment. The structure and architecture of the project therefore adapted to the existing buildings. The lines of sight from the residential area are considered in the layout and form large openings through the site. The buildings slopes towards the existing houses and the main farm of Gressvik to open the view even more.


Pleasant and attractive neighborhoods are created with a close-to-Nature living environment and informal meeting places. The river frontage connects the service areas along the river, from the harbor, the neighborhood playground and a café at the ferry landing, revitalizing it and making it accessible to all. The project restores biodiversity and greenery to the neighborhood. This allows for a good quality of life and the possibility of various outdoor activities.


The buildings are mainly oriented in a north-south direction. This allows sunlight to penetrate in the common and private outdoor areas throughout the day. Moreover, it is effective orientation for natural ventilation, and stretch the West and East, increasing the exposed facades toward the view. The terraces and balconies are ideally exposed to the river or the setting sun.