130 Housing

Surface: 13 000 m2
Status: Ongoing

In this parallel assignment, Line Solgaard Arkitekter was chosen as the architect for the development of the Stjernehall site in Fredrikstad. The winning project was developed in collaboration with Studio Sted, NaturRestauering, Erichsen & Horgen and urban development and social scientist Erling Dokk Holm.

Nature and neighbourhood are the main features of this housing development. The existing greenway leading to the forest is preserved and reaffirms a need for continuity, both in use, so as not to disrupt the habits of the community, and physically, linking the project to the city and the forest on its outskirts. The greenway provides access to the different areas of the neighbourhood, dwells playgrounds, greenhouses, outdoor sport equipments, and gives a close proximity to greenery for every home, but also helps with rainwater management thanks to rain beds.

The dwellings are organized around three courtyards. A variety of house types and sizes ensures a dynamic neighbourhood, granting housing accessibility to a broad range of family types and promoting social diversity. Each building has an entrance from the common space of the courtyard, assuring spontaneous social interactions to help prevent social isolation. In addition, each home has access to private gardens or well-exposed terrasses. This project seeks to improve neighbour relationships by creating a sustainable way of living and sense of community.

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