Solid Headquarters

Office Headquarters

Surface: 8 000 m2
Status: Ongoing

The new headquarters of Solid Group is an example of a passive office building. It uses many environmental-friendly solutions. The extended use of massive wood as a renewable resource, from its main structural material to its cladding and window frames, makes it one of the rare “All wood” office proposal in Norway. Along solar panels, passive cooling and heating, waste and rainwater management, the proposal is focusing on environmentally friendly solutions.

The compact office is built around a gigantic atrium to regulate the inner climate of the building both in summer and winter. It is the core of the building, a mandatory passage when walking from the entrance to the stairs up to the working spaces. Social areas and meeting points, gradually from loud near the atrium to quite near the working spaces, are scattered on the way to the decks to diversify the appropriable spaces for the workers, as well as promoting spontaneous encounters in order to prevent social isolation and promote a more social and stimulating work environment.