Sentrum Brannstasjon

Fire Station

Surface:  2 000 m2
Status: Unbuilt

The Sentrum Brannstasjon in Oslo lies on Bjørvika, not far from the Akershus fortress, from which the design is inspired from. It is a public building interacting with a historical position in the city. As part of the urban landscape, the parks surrounding the station are public, and offers to admire the fire trucks on display in the double height ground floor.

Materials and colours are both inspired by the historical buildings nearby, as a way to extend the architectural legacy of the past, while also integrating the technologies and needs of our modern society. The wooden structure is one of the many environmentally friendly solutions of the project, as a beacon of sustainable architecture visible by all right in the hearth of Oslo city centre.

Upstairs, a more private floor for offices, rest rooms and meeting rooms use wooden screens for modular privacy in the floor plan. Windows all around the building offers a privileged view on the Oslofjord, the park, the Opera house and other surrounding buildings.