Oslo City’s Architecture Prize


Surface: Varies
Status: Completed

Oslo City’s Architecture Prize is awarded annually and aims to highlight the latest and best architecture of the capital city, as well as to stimulate and increase the public interest in architecture and urban development. Line Solgaard Arkitekter has been involved in organizing the exhibition for several years since 2015, as a part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale.

We have had a strong focus on the environment when developing the concept of this year. Therefore, all frameworks and doors in the exhibition are made from recycled and reused materials. The triangular truss of the framework is inspired by the Norwegian “hjeller”, a traditional wooden structure used to dry fishes. The exhibition structure is weighted by wooden box foundations filled with earth to anchor the construction in place and as flowerpots. It displays various information boards, picture frames and models about the architecture projects showcased in the Triennale.

Photographer: Sebastian Sanders