Cabin Slevik


Surface: 90 m2
Status: Completed

The cabin is in Slevikkilen, lying on the typical rocky hills of the Norwegian shore, with a majestic view upon the outer Oslofjord. A wide variety of natural materials makes the interior richly detailed. These materials will age with dignity and acquire a patina, only becoming more refined over time.

The simple and rational square floor plan is surrounded by a veranda which provides direct access to the exterior from each room and opens the building to various views for the different room zones. To the South, a bay window as large as the length of the building gives you a chance to gaze over the sea, and offers plenty of light to the living room, separated from the living room by a brick chimney. To the North, facing the pin tree forest, lies the kitchen and all the different sleeping rooms. In the center, the vertical circulation revolves from the lower floor around the bathroom all the way up to a pyramidal glass skylight. The large overhangs of the roof protect against solar gains in summer and the skylight ensures good natural vertical ventilation on hot days, as well as natural zenithal light to every room.

The cabin is well adapted to the site and lies on top of a concrete base which match the colour of the bare rocky terrain The rock outbursts have been preserved, and the main exterior stairs leading from the living room to the outdoor area merges with the geometry of the site.

Photography: Einar Aslaksen and Oppi Christiansen